Inktober 2020

October 1, 2020

I’m going to be creating an ink drawing per day for inktober. I’ll update this post with a new drawing each day.

Oct. 1 - This is Fine Pirate

This is Fine Pirate

Oct. 2 - Sail into the Sunset

Sail into the Sunset

Oct. 3 - Paying a Visit

Paying a Visit

Oct. 4 - Don’t… move…

Don't... move...

Oct. 5 - Power Up

Power Up

Oct. 6 - Break Time

I didn’t get around to creating a drawing today. I decided to do inktober because it motivates me to draw more, but there’s no sense in stressing out about maintaining perfect adherence to the schedule.

Oct. 7 - The Mysterious Old Woman Who Lives on the Edge of Town

Mysterious Old Woman

Oct. 8 - The Bookworm

The Bookworm

Oct. 9 - The Tinkerer

The Tinkerer

Oct. 10 - Exploring the Sea Floor

Exploring the Sea Floor

Oct. 11 - Grumpy Morning Troll

Grumpy Morning Troll

Oct. 12 - The Bicyclist

The Bicyclist

Oct. 13 - The Kingfisher’s Lunch

The Kingfisher's Lunch

Oct. 14 - Break Time

Another day off

Oct. 15 - Garbage Collection Robot

Garbage Collection Robot

Oct. 16 - Break Time

It does get harder to put out drawings as you start using up your ideas

Oct. 17 - The Experiment that Got Away from Me

The Experiment that Got Away from Me

Oct. 18 - Best Friends

Best Friends

Oct. 19 - Space Portal

Space Portal

Oct. 20 - The Strongman

The Strongman

Oct. 21 - The swamp creature, feared by all living things

The Swamp Creature, Feared by All Living Things

Oct. 22 - The Dragon Battle

The Dragon Battle

Oct. 23 - A Canoe on a Mountain Lake

A Canoe on a Mountain Lake

Oct. 24 - Day Off

Travel Day

Oct. 25 - The Surfer

I don’t have access to my scanner, so for the rest of the month I’ll be doing drawings using my tablet with its pen and frictionless drawing surface, so from here on out, the drawings are likely to get simpler.

The Surfer

Oct. 26 - More Sea Exploration

More Sea Exploration

Oct. 27 - A Homemade Flying Machine

Homemade Flying Machine

Oct. 28 - Day Off

Oct. 29 - Day Off

Oct. 30 - Zombiesaurus Rex

Zombiesaurus Rex

Oct. 31 - The Haunted Tree

Haunted Tree